Representation on the Scandinavian Market

The cheapest and fastest way to enter a market is to have a representation in the market. This can either be a very active representation with client contacts and meetings or another activity setup according to your wishes. We perform this service. We represent your company in Scandinavia and make sure that you are on the spot. This service has a transparent and fixed price.

Letting Scandinavian Expansion Group be your representative may be a logical first step in a market presence. This reduces both the time and financial risk and can serve as an important decision basis for the choice of strategy. To let Scandinavian Expansion Group represent you is probably the easiest way to both develop your business and analyzing the market.

As a part of representation, we can also:

  • search and find new clients for you in Scandinavia.
  • arrange meetings between your company and potential customers and suppliers in the chosen market.

The local companies participating are selected in consultation with you. We start by jointly clarifying the purpose and your priorities. From this, we identify interesting partners.


Scandinavian Expansion Group support you in getting the best possible start on the Scandinavian market by finding the right distributors, suppliers and other partners.


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We represent you on the Scandinavian market!

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